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About Bandung (English)

Bandung is the capital of West Java and Indonesia's third largest city. In colonial times, it is known as the "Paris of Java" because of its European ambience and sophistication. Bandung shared with Miami a fine legacy of TropicalDeco architecture dating from the 1920s. Bandung is also called city of flowers (kota kembang) and situated on a plateau in the beautiful Parahyangan mountains. Bandung hosted the Asia Africa conference in 1955. Now, Bandung is a center of higher education (for example ITB, UNPAD, UNPAR, and other universities - see Science and Technology page), commerce, aircraft Industry, and shopping (particularly for shoes, textiles, clothing, and denims - there's even a "jeans street" in which you'll find blocks of jeans stores).

How to get there

From Jakarta, Bandung is about 200 km. The best way to get to Bandung from Jakarta is by Parahyangan train which takes around 3 hours. By car, it would take around 3 to 4 hours depending on how you drive. It also depends on the traffic. During weekends, many people travel from Jakarta to Bandung. Expect traffic jams. You can also take inter city bus or 4848 and Media taxis.
Husain Sastranegara domestic airport links Bandung with Jakarta and major cities in Java.


Name Rating/Stars Telephone
  • Grand Aquila ***** 230-9280

  • Holiday Inn Bandung **** 421-1333

  • Horison Bandung **** 305000

  • Hyatt Regency Bandung **** 421-1234
  • Jayakarta Bandung **** 250-5888

  • Panghegar *** 432286

  • Papandayan Bandung **** 310799

  • Preanger Aerowisata **** 431631

  • Savoy Homann **** 432244

  • Sheraton Bandung **** 250-0303
About Braga
Originally running from the railway tracks, sout to the Savoy Homann Hotel, the street called Braga was often described as 'The Fifth Avenue of Indonesia.' In the 30s most of the luxury goods available in the country were sold here to visiting Dutch weekenders and planters. Braga was the place to 'see and be seen' during the era when Bandung was considered the 'Paris of Java'. There are about 75 buildings of architectural merit on Jl. Braga itself and a number of historic sites within the Braga district. These include the Alun-Alun Square with the Pendopo (Mayor's residence)on the south side, the Grand Mosque on the west and the post office and banks on the North. On Jl. Banceuy is the prison cell in which Soekarno was incarcerated by the Dutch. Across the Cikapundung River, behind the art deco PLN building is a night market. The area also contains several excellent examples of tropical art deco architecture including the City Hall, St. Angela's School, the restored Preanger Aerowisata and Savoy Homann hotels, and Gedung Merdeka, originally the Concordia social club, which in 1955 was the site of the first Asia Africa conference. Today, the Braga area forms the Central Business District of Bandung.
It is unfortunate that Braga now is different than the Braga described above. Much of the history is gone.

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